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Membership Types 

Your membership dues will support the VFW's mission to serve and represent our veterans at the local, state and national level. Join now, and your membership will be valid for a full calendar year. 

Annual Membership

Your dues of just $37.00 will cover the cost of your membership for a full calendar year, this is just for
renewing your yearly membership. If joining for the first time you will need to come to a post meeting or get with the Post Quartermaster to submit your membership dues.

Life Membership

Show your support to service members, veterans and their families by becoming a VFW Life Member. An easy, one-time payment solidifies your membership for life.

Legacy Life Membership

When you become a Legacy Life Member, you are helping us strengthen the VFW. Future generations will know and remember you for the sacrifices you made during your time in uniform in addition to the contributions you made as a VFW Legacy Life Member. Each level offers generous benefits reserved exclusively for members of this status. You must be a Life Member in order to upgrade to Legacy status.

 Being a VFW Member:

Stop by the local VFW post and get to know your fellow members. Check out our website, to learn about VFW activities in your area. Even if you do not wish to belong to our post, you can find out about VFW activities in your area. Whether you choose to actively participate or not, feel pride in being a part of the country's largest organization made up solely of members like you--combat veterans. 

Legacy Life Membership
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